Monarch butterflies emerging from chrysalis.

Beta Testers, Ready to Be the Monarch Butterfly?

Be The Butterfly…Beta Tester! Connect with wildlife like never before by transforming into a monarch butterfly in this gamified nature simulation.  

Is MonarchVR a game? An app? A nature simulation? Really, all the above. We like to think about it as an experience first and foremost—a chance to gain more understanding of nature and the monarch. To keep moving forward, players will feed on multiple types of flowers to gain sustenance but will also deal with mortal enemies like the web-spinning garden spider. 

Things To Know: MonarchVR 

  • You will need a VR headset needed to play MonarchVR. 
  • We work with some of the world’s most well-known animal researchers. 
  • Our custom flight model was designed to mimic the unique flight mechanics of the monarch butterfly.
  • Butterflies see the world with tetrachromatic vision: red, blue, green and ultraviolet. With our simulated butterfly vision, you can too!
  • Use your antennae to differentiate flowers as nectar sources for sustenance. Feeding yourself as a monarch butterfly takes skill and perseverance.

VR Monarch Nature Simulation Available On 

While not yet published, you can become one orange-and-black member of the annual monarch butterfly migration on the following platforms:

  • Our initial demo will available on Sidequest (the unofficial store for Oculus Quest 2) and on Steam (both mobile VR (Quest 2) and PC VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, etc.).
  • Full release will be available on Sidequest and Steam with planned release on the official Oculus/Meta Store AND the new Playstation 5 VR platform.



Eager to start flying? Apply to join our beta program to get access to our development builds and help shape the design of the MonarchVR experience.



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