What is it like to be a butterfly?

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Monarch is a science-based, first-person VR adventure designed for educators and players of all ages who are curious about what life is like for some of our more diminutive animal cousins.

Connect with wildlife like never before by transforming into a monarch butterfly in the midst of making its’ fabled annual migration from north to south in this gamified nature simulation. It’s like playing your own part in a thrilling nature documentary. You call the shots, you cover the miles, and you pay the price for making the right (or wrong) decisions.

We have worked with some of the leading butterfly researchers around the world in order to make MonarchVR a true-to-life first-perspective experience. Our team has developed completely unique methods of using VR to deliver realistic butterfly flight, vision and feeding in what is essentially a hybrid virtual reality game, nature simulation and immersive nature documentary.

The evolution of MonarchVR and planned follow-up releases will depend on you. Interested in more documentary-style narrative or ready to get straight to the video game action? Let us know!

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A look ahead

We are actively exploring ways to make MonarchVR as accessible and useful as possible to gamers, nature enthusiasts, and educators. You can learn more about the development process on our blog.

MonarchVR may well eventually be available in a web/browser-based version playable on a standard laptop geared toward everyone, but especially because we believe games/apps like these will be valuable to educators and their students.

We value feedback! If you have any ideas about how we can make MonarchVR better for you, please let us know!

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