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NatureSims is a virtual reality designer creating new VR nature simulations that are part game, part documentary and all kinds of educational and entertaining. We create VR experiences that allow users to see the world from the viewpoint of diverse living creatures—highlighting their beauty and the challenges they face as climate change and other factors affect their ecosystems on an ever-increasing basis.

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Be The Butterfly. Connect with wildlife like never before by transforming into a monarch butterfly in the midst of making its’ fabled annual migration from north to south in this gamified nature simulation. It’s like playing your own part in a thrilling nature documentary. You call the shots, you cover the miles, and you pay the price for making the right (or wrong) decisions. 

Is MonarchVR a game? An app? A nature simulation? Really, all the above. We like to think about it as an experience first and foremost—a chance to gain more understanding of nature and the monarch. To keep moving forward, players will feed on multiple types of flowers to gain sustenance but will also deal with mortal enemies like the web-spinning garden spider. 

The evolution of MonarchVR and planned follow-up releases will depend on you. Interested in more documentary-style narrative or ready to get straight to the video game action? Let us know! 

A monarch caterpillar on a leaf
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Sign up below to learn about future releases and gain access to free pre-release testing builds.

Please note that if you do want early access you will need to provide the same email you use for your Oculus/Steam accounts.

Monarch butterflies emerging from chrysalis.
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Frogworld is the first release of the NatureSims VR series. Early Release available now on Steam and Oculus.

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